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Are you considering adding a concrete patio to your Jacksonville home? If so, Jacksonville Concrete Co has you covered. As the top concrete patio contractor in Duval County, we can give you a wide variety of aesthetic styles to fit the look that you’re looking for. A new patio will help give yo a beautiful new outoor space to enjoy, and your property value a nice boost as well.

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Types of Concrete Patios

If you’re in search of a cost-effective and easily manageable approach to convert your backyard into a practical living area, a concrete patio is a fantastic option. Concrete patios are robust, making them suitable for Jacksonville’s weather conditions, and a perfect choice for families that like to spend time outside.

Putting in a new concrete patio is a fairly uncomplicated process. Unlike concrete foundations that serve a purely utilitarian purpose, there’s room for considerable personalization when it comes to the appearance of a concrete patio. You’re presented with a few primary alternatives: stamped concrete, polished & stained concrete, poured concrete, and precast pavers.

Stamped Concrete Patios

This sort of concrete patio involves pouring concrete and then imprinting it with pigment, textures, and other alterations. This creates a sophisticated, refined surface without needing costly materials, and the authentic look is truly captivating.

The distinct aspect of stamped concrete patios are the ability for customization. A broad spectrum of colors, textures, and designs ensures you can have a patio that complements your style perfectly. The potential for creativity with a stamped concrete patio is almost limitless.

Stained & Polished Concrete Patio

For an elegant look that remains timeless, polished or stained concrete patios are a good option. Staining concrete is done by applying a stain to the wet concrete and then sealing it with an acrylic sealant, resulting in a long-lasting patio with an upscale appearance.

Poured Concrete

Opting for poured concrete patios is the most prevalent and economically viable decision. You can decide on colored concrete or stay with its original shade. While self-installed pouring might lead to problems like fractures and disintegration if executed inadequately, a professionally poured concrete patio provides lasting sturdiness at a pocket-friendly expense.


If you want a particularly resilient patio demanding minimal upkeep, precast pavers are a good selection. Constructing this form of patio is as simple as laying the pavers, which makes for a quick and easy install process. Whether your preference leans toward poured or cast concrete, we can help you create the concrete patio you envision.

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Factors to Consider With Concrete Patios in Jacksonville, FL

It’s crucial to begin by assessing the available space in your yard to determine its suitability for a new patio connected to a concrete base. Clearing out any necessary space becomes imperative to prevent potential challenges during and after the building process.

  • Being Mindful of Trees: Make a special note of any neighboring trees that might pose a risk during the concrete patio installation process. Tree roots could potentially disrupt the construction process, making it necessary to either trim or relocate the trees to ensure a seamless installation. Addressing any concerns about sizeable tree trunks or roots in advance is a prudent step.
  • Thoughtful Drainage Design: If you’ve experienced issues with yard flooding after heavy rains, it’s worth considering the implementation of a well-planned drainage system. It’s also important to guarantee that the presence of trees doesn’t obstruct the setup of this drainage mechanism.
  • Project Schedule: Attain an estimated timeline for the entire project duration, from commencement to completion. As you select contractors, familiarize yourself with the various pricing structures available. This includes clarifying whether certain components such as patio furniture are part of the package or not. This critical information will be openly shared with you from the outset.
  • Embarking on this captivating venture necessitates meticulous preparation and well-informed choices, insights that a concrete patio specialist in Jacksonville can provide. The creation of a concrete patio can genuinely uplift your outdoor space, crafting an appealing and utilitarian zone for both relaxation and social gatherings.

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When it comes to Jacksonville concrete patio contractors, we stand as your trusted choice. Our experienced team of concrete specialists operating in Jacksonville is committed to transforming your vision of a concrete patio into reality. We take genuine pride in our range of offerings, catering to both private and business clientele.

For any questions regarding the process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our team is more than happy to give you any information you need. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your new concrete patio project!

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